All has been well at the Franks' household. Pierce is eating well and growing like a weed. Yesterday marked his 1 month corrected birthday (1 month from my due date). And tonight, he weighed in at 10lbs 10.5oz! It's so hard to believe that I've now put away most of his newborn clothes and he's fitting comfortably in his 0-3 month clothes.

This week will start a long list of drs appts that we have scheduled (2 this week, 3 next). First on the list is our hearing test. Tomorrow morning, Pierce will be retested to check for hearing loss. (Pierce didn't pass his first screening that was done last month before he left the NICU.) Please pray that he will pass and that no further testing will be needed.

On Wednesday, we go to his first pulmonologist appointment. The pulmonologist will help us in determining when/how quickly we will wean Pierce's home oxygen. He is currently on the same setting that he came home on (.25 liters).

Next week, Pierce will see his pediatrician, the eye dr, and the neurosurgeon. Of course the most important of these will be our meeting with the neurosurgeon to look at P's brain scan (scheduled for the morning of our appt). We continue to pray that Pierce's ventricles have begun to decrease in size and that Pierce will not require a permanent shunt.

We'd sure appreciate your prayers for good results from our appointments.

Christ is all,
Lindsay, Nik and Pierce


  1. this man amazes me everyday. i was just telling some friends about him the other day. xo

  2. he looks so sweet sleeping like that. I just want to kiss his cheeks! My second has never passed a hearing test in her right ear but the pedi said she's talking fine and doesn't appear to have any problems at 2.5 so I guess we have nothing to worry about. I hope it's the same with Pierce!