VP Shunt Surgery

Pierce is resting well and recovering from his surgery. Things went very well. The good news is that Pierce was able to come off the vent shortly after surgery (before we were even able to see him). He did (for the first few hours after surgery) have a significant amount of bradys/desats (heart rate and o2 saturation drops), which caused him to turn blue. That's never fun to witness. BUT, general consensus says it was due to the anesthesia and pain meds that they pumped in to him. Just to be safe, Pierce is spending the night in the Pediatric ICU. Depending on how well he does tonight, he may be able to go home tomorrow.

On a fun note, we've had a bit of a mini-NICU reunion, with lots of old friends. P was able to see some of his favorite nurses, nurse practioners and doctors- all of whom came to visit him as soon as they heard he was here. We feel so blessed to call this amazing team "friends" and are forever grateful for how well they cared for Pierce while he was in the NICU.

Please continue to pray that P will be comfortable and rest easy. His blood pressure has been elevated all day and they're thinking that may be due to pain. Pray that this subsides and that everything will be on "go" tomorrow as we hope to get discharged. Also pray for continued healing and protection against any infection.

Thank you all for your continued support. It means so much.

The Franks


  1. praying for little pierce and for you both through all of this.

  2. we have been praying!!! I hope everything is going well with him and you & nik!!! lots of love!!!

  3. Lots of prayers going your way. I hope you are all home soon.

  4. So glad to hear that Pierce was discharged. What a trooper that little guy is.

  5. During the procedure ventricular peritoneal shunt, a small hole in a skull, and the tube is moved inside the ventricle of the brain.