VP Shunt

We are now 5 days post-op and Pierce is doing great. His resilience continues to amaze us. Really, I mean, the morning after having BRAIN surgery, he was up doing this.

What a tough guy.

Thank you all for your prayers and support. Pierce's surgery went smoothly and they were able to extubate him almost immediately afterwards. He did have a few apneic spells (complete with turning blue and desating) shortly afterwards, so they sent him to the Pediatric ICU. However, general consensus was that these spells were merely related to the anesthesia and sure enough, as soon as he had his room in the PICU, the spells stopped. Because Pierce did so well throughout the night, they discharged him the next afternoon. That was great, though a little nerve-wracking for us as we felt the pressure to monitor him closely on our own. But God was gracious, and Pierce has done so well at home! Already, I find myself forgetting that he now has a new piece of hardware in his little body. We will go back this coming Friday for a follow-up ultrasound and appt to check and see if the shunt is doing its job. Please continue to pray for no infection or malfunction. The first 3-6 months after placement has the highest risk for both. So please pray that this is our last trip to the PICU.

Thank you all for your continued prayers.

The Franks

PS-Don't forget to come out to the Golf Tournament/BBQ if you can make it. We'd love to see you all there! If you do plan to attend, can you please shoot an email to Jim Hinton at jhinton@gmail.com so he can have a head count for the lunch? Thanks and hope to see you all there!


  1. So glad to hear that Pierce is doing well after the surgery. He truly is a remarkable little guy. I am praying for him from Maryland!

  2. Love love love the new pictures/video. It's hard to believe he was so tiny, just look at him now. I love that I'm able to follow his sweetness!

  3. I'm so happy to hear that Pierce is doing well after surgery! What a blessed miracle he is!