I think I can...

We spend a good portion of our days doing something similar to this scene:

 "Hmm... look, there's my toy"

 "I'll try to get it"

 "This is hard work! Baby P90x is tough."

 "Maybe if I just pout and make the most pitiful face ever, Mommy will help me get my toy?"

 "That didn't work. She's not coming. I really want that toy. Maybe I'll try again."

 (scoots over) "Almost." (scoot) "Got." (scoot and reach) "It."

 (Mommy scoots toy further away to encourage him to roll) "Wait. You mean I have to roll?" (lifts legs and attempts to roll)

 "Mommy, please help me get my toy"

"I just want to play, but rolling is too hard. I give up." (at which point Mommy can no longer stand to see him make that face and caves, giving him the darn toy)

Pierce is SO close to rolling from his back to his tummy. I just know that one of these days I'm going to walk in and find him on his tummy (at least that's what I've been praying for!). We've seen tremendous improvement in his development. He's able to get himself on either side and with a little push, can go all the way over. I'd probably make him practice more, but seriously....who can resist that pitiful face? Will you join us in praying that he can accomplish this big milestone soon?


  1. I remember that it took FOREVER for Ned to do this. In fact, I left him on the bathroom floor to go get something and said, "now don't you roll over before I get back." I came back in and he had rolled over! I was in tears! I should of known then that he would do things his own way and in his own time! Praying!

  2. That face!! He is so cute. We will certainly pray. Rolling over is a big deal!

    p.s. Jack had those pj's and I love em'!

  3. i do love those jammies! but seriously, how on earth are you going to ever discipline that little guy with that lip and that face?! good thing you've got a while to think about that one! hoping with you that he meets this milestone soon!

  4. that face he makes is PITIFUL!! how can you stand it!!!!??? the scooting is a big deal too! that is problem solving at its best! i want the toy, now how am i going to get it!!!??

  5. Thanks- jammies were a consignment sale find :) Janet- I'm not sure how I'll do it! He's definitely figured out how to manipulate with his adorable pouty face. BUT he will be disciplined... most of the time! haha! Amy- Thanks! We are really proud of him for his scooting skills

  6. Oh my goodness!!! His expressions are the GREATEST! I don't blame you for caving...that pout face makes me want to cry for him! I remember being SO stressed about the rolling thing. Praying he will do it SOON!!!

  7. OH MY that face!!! SO pitiful!!! I will be praying that he rolls over soon for you! :)

  8. He is so expressive - I love it! Will be praying with you. If anyone can do it, Pierce can!

  9. That little lip is just too sad. I will pray that he learns to roll over soon!

  10. Oh these are the cutest pics! Prayers that a roll will happen soon! You can do it!