Reminders of the Past

“There is something beautiful about all scars of whatever nature. A scar means the hurt is over, the wound is closed and healed, done with.” -Harry Crews


We all have them. Some big. Some small. Some inside. Some outside. Scars are an interesting thing- reminders of where we've been, what we've been through and how far we've come. Those we wear on the outside nakedly display to the world our past. But they also offer opportunities for conversation- an opportunity to share our own experiences with others. So why my fascination with scars today?

Every time I bathe my sweet baby boy, I can't help but look at his scars (and they are many) and remember snapshots from the days he earned them- the highs and lows of our NICU journey are represented on Pierce's body. I consider these scars symbols, which help me to remember the important things in life and a constant reminder of how fragile our lives are. His scars give us an incredible opportunity to proclaim the goodness of our Lord to any who inquire. I've watched time and time again at how God has used these very scars to bring nurses, drs, and other listeners to tears.

In a way, I'm almost glad he has them. Not only do they make him unique, they are also simple reminders of how far God has carried him (and us) throughout these past 8 months. They offer perspective. But more importantly, they offer hope. Hope for Pierce's life (in reflecting on how far God has brought him) and hope for others who are faced with similar situations ("With God all things are possible.")

And while I'm sure he'll gain more scars as he grows (he is a boy after all!), I thought it'd be neat to share with our readers (especially those who will remember praying for him while he was earning these scars) some of the marks God left behind to remind us of Pierce's journey:

Because Pierce's skin was so fragile (almost jello-like in the beginning), the leads that they placed on him to monitor his vitals did significant damage to his skin. Many people assume he had a skin graph, but this is just how it healed.
Above Pierce's belly button, off to the left, you can see his scar from the VP shunt. 

Under his left armpit is the scar from his PDA ligation surgery.

Another scar that resulted from underdeveloped skin.

He has a couple on his head from the VP shunt and the VAD, but because we have had significant hair growth (yeah!), I couldn't get a clear picture.

It is my prayer that as Pierce grows he will wear these scars proudly and use them as an opportunity to tell all who ask about our God's faithfulness.

Much love,


  1. Thank you for this post today, I needed it! When I get Cohen dressed for the day, I always look at his scars and wish that he didn't have them. But your post has changed my perspective. Cohen has scars from his blood pressure cuff and he also got a really bad skin infection that left most of his back scarred. I hope that he too can use them to tell of God's goodness and to remind him that he is a miracle!

  2. That brings back so many memories....Ruthie has a small scar on both upper arms from the skin breakdown from the leads also. :(

  3. I'm in love with this post! His scars are beautiful and he'll have lots of bragging material for tha' ladies. :) thanks for sharing.

  4. Great that you posted about this. Veronica only has one scar but I like to think of it as her battle scar.

    By the way, I love Pierce's chubby belly :)

  5. What I notice most from the pictures is his cute chubby belly and adorable baby rolls. I wish my twins could get some of those. My twins have matching scars on their bellies from the leads also and matching PDA scars in addition to numerous IV scars. Cade also has a g-tube scar. I can't wait to explain to them how they got their scars and how God had his hand protectively over them. I hope all our micro-preemies wear their NICU battle wounds with pride. Love this post.

  6. Thank You Lindsay! This post brought tears of happiness for me! Happiness because I am reminded how Pierce's life and journey has taught me patience and hope. Love you!

  7. I have so many pictures of the scars Carson has. As they get older they fade but will never truly go away. I look at his little hands and see all the IV scars and the one under his nose from the vents and his shunt scars and I know that he'll wear them proudly when he is bigger. Just like his little brother who will wear his "zipper" scar like a champ. These babies are all such incredible miracles who were given to us for very special reasons. Be proud of those scars for it proves what warriors they truly are! I must say I definitely noticed all those sweet chubby rolls Pierce has even more than the scars! Way to go, buddy!

  8. I have been reading your blog since Pierce was born. So many of your posts have brought to me tears. This post was so wonderful. I love the quote. I too still look at my son's scars and my scar and remember how far he has come. They all are such wonderful reminders of God's love and mercy. Thank you for you blog and your beautiful words. I continue to pray for Pierce and your family.