Happy Birthday! (pt.2)

We survived the big birthday! Really, there were no words to describe the amount of gratitude and joy that swelled in our hearts on Friday as we reflected on how far Pierce has come.
Take a look at the difference a year has made:

Our first stop to celebrate: The NICU. It only seemed logical that we would head back to the place where it all started. Celebrate with the some of the most amazing folks. Literally the Levine NICU team are the most talented and skilled team we've ever met. Not many 23 weekers survive, and even less do as well as Pierce has done- we know this is nothing short of a miracle. We also know that God used each every one of the staff at Levine to help Pierce.

We saw Andi, one of Pierce's amazing nurse practitioners.
And then Tony, another amazing practitioner that cared for our boy
Then there was a special meeting with Dr. Keuser. Dr. Keuser was Pierce's primary Doctor for a good portion of his stay. He will always hold a special place in our hearts as he was there with us in the very beginning when Pierce was so sick and not expected to survive.
And then, of course, we HAD to see our very special primary nurse Lindsay. She's no longer our nurse, but now our primary babysitter :) And of course, our friend.

And then we headed down the hallway to NPCN, where we saw Pierce's NPCN primary nurse, Vicki. We bragged about how well P is eating now (the NPCN girls spent endless hours teaching our boy to bottle feed)

And Linda was there too!
Finally we HAD to get a shot of the hospital behind us. We hope to only see the inside of that place when we go for elective visits now :)

Stay tuned for pt.3... which will include photos from our family party at home!

We're off to celebrate another miracle today- little Liam. Liam was Pierce's neighbor in the NICU and his first best bud.

Happy Saturday!


  1. These pictures are so incredibly special!!

  2. I have that same handwashing sign tag on my carseat! People always ask me about it! Cute!

  3. Love the NICU photos! (I'll be taking Veronica back on Wednesday.)

  4. What wonderful pics! Im sure your NICU staff was happy and so proud to see you all. Happy Birthday and can't wait for pt. 3.

  5. Oh, he looks so handsome! Whenever we take Cohen back to the NICU, he hears his nurses voices and just looks at them like "I KNOW you!" Happy Birthday Pierce! You are amazing :)

  6. I love these pictures!!! How special!!