Happy Birthday (pt.3)

For Pierce's birthday party, I wanted something simple. Something low key. I had no idea how my emotions would hit as the day unfolded. It was after all the anniversary of the most traumatic day of my life. And yet, the most joyous occasion as well- my son's first birthday. So we decided to keep it small- just immediate family. It was perfect. And Pierce had a blast being the center of attention. Here are a few shots from our party at home:

Circus themed masks for the guests
 the spread... popcorn bags, circus peanuts and cupcakes
 P's elephant cake

  We pitched a tent in the backyard

Green beans all over his face 

"Hmm...I think that looks like a fun toy"
Hamming it up for everyone

Side note: this was our second cake smash. We had done one earlier in the week for our family photo shoot. Sadly, both attempts ended in tears. (I guess we've always got August to try again!) He enjoyed the taste of cake and even managed to swallow a few bites, but he couldn't stand the slimy feeling of the icing between his pudgy fingers :)

 Right before the tears...
 and with the tears, we concluded our party. 

Overall, it was such a wonderful day. Everything was perfect. Our visit to the NICU. Our party at home. And the down time spent in the in between. Was it emotional? Sure. Did I make it through without shedding tears? No way. BUT it was perfect. The tragedy of the anniversary did not overshadow our joy. 

Please be praying for us as we have lots of appointments this coming week (pediatrician, eyes, pulmonology, neuro, PT, etc.). Our biggest appointment is on Friday. Pierce will be going to the neurosurgeon to have an MRI to check on the status of his shunt. Please be praying that this will go smoothly and that the results would show the shunt is functioning properly and that Pierce's brain has grown sufficiently.

Much love, The Franks Family


  1. Love seeing these pictures! Looks like it was the perfect day to reflect and celebrate. Happy Birthday, P!!

  2. Happy 1st Birthday to Pierce! And congrats to you for surviving that difficult first year. I'll be praying for good results for all your upcoming appointments.

  3. LOVE IT!!! Happy Birthday Pierce!!!

  4. Love the birthday pictures! The theme was super cute...seriously. love. it. Glad that you were able to celebrate the special day that it was with the most important people in your lives. Happy birthday to miracle baby Pierce!!! May the world continue to be blessed by your story each year you grow older!