meeting Dr.Demchak

Today Pierce met a very, very special person. Any guesses?? Here's a picture. Check out the smile on P's face!
Today Pierce and I visited Dr.Demchak. Dr.Demchak is the OB who delivered Pierce! It was such a glorious feeling to take him (all 19+ lbs of him!) into her office for a visit and show off our miracle boy. A year ago, I couldn't imagine this day. But by God's grace, it's here. And it was so, so amazing to be able to thank the doctor who made this all possible. We know that God, in his sovereignty placed Dr.Demchak on call that night. He used her skill and wisdom to help our son have a fighting chance. Many doctors wouldn't entertain the idea of saving a 23 weeker, but Dr. Demchak did everything in her power to ensure he was born alive. It was so great to watch her meet Pierce knowing that she was the very first person who touched him when he made his dramatic (and extremely early) entrance. She described Pierce as "the scariest person she'd ever met," then went on to explain that he was the smallest baby she'd ever delivered alive. And now look at him...squealing in her arms. Truly incredible.

Oh, and guess what else happened today. During physical therapy, this guy prop sat completely unassisted for over 1.5 minutes! He has never used his arms to balance himself, let alone sit for that long. Here he is with his great PT, Diane.

Please continue to pray for us as Pierce goes in for a quick-series MRI (meaning he won't need to be sedated) tomorrow to check his VP shunt and ventricle size. We will update when we can.

With love,


  1. I love everything about this post! 1) P's smile is to die for! 2) So cool that you got to go back and see the Dr. who delivered P... what an amazing moment! 3) Look at P sitting up! And using his arms! Such a BIG deal!!!

  2. Praying, praying for the MRI and shut examination!

  3. We hope you will be coming back to see us. We are now back in Montreat and glad to be home. Pierce is looking very good! J.Ellington

  4. What a Great Day!! Love the smiles!!

  5. I LOVED this post! I bet your doctor was so blessed by your visit...and the photo of them together? Adorable! Actually, it's inspired me to locate the dr who delivered Samuel (we dont even know his name since he was a resident!). And I am extremely excited about Pierce's sitting!!!!!! Go Pierce go!
    Of course I will be praying for the MRI...praying that the results are extraordinary and that Pierce tolerates it well.