MRI update

Just a quick update, then I'm off for a girl's night with some friends. After today, I am really, REALLY looking forward to getting out.

To make a very long story short...

We arrived at the Neurosurgeon's at 845 for our 915 MRI appointment. Got checked in,  waited, moved to another waiting room, waited again, and then finally the technician took us back. I immediately asked if he knew if P's PDA clip (the metal clip used to close off his PDA) was MRI compatible. He, of course didn't, which meant that we could either:
            a) put P through and "test" it to see... umm, thanks, but no thanks. I really don't want a metal clip near my child's heart getting ripped out today.
            b)choose to do a CT scan (The equivalent of getting 10 x-rays at once. One of the risks/concerns with too many brain CT's is that they can potentially burn the retinas.) Again, thanks but no thanks! We've had enough radiation with all of the chest x-rays (seriously over 50) P has had.
            c) choose to wait another 4-6 weeks (about the maximum limit that we are, including the neuro team, is wiling to wait before checking on the shunt). Oh and during that 4-6 week period, my job will be to track down the elusive pediatric cardiothoracic surgeon. You know, the one who postponed P's PDA surgery 3x last year. The one who the neonatologists could never get in touch with. The one who is too busy rebuilding a child's heart (because yes, he's that good) to answer a poor mother's call. Yes, him. I'm supposed to find the only pediatric cardiothoracic surgeon in Charlotte, and get a signed letter from him stating what he used to clip the PDA and whether or not it's MRI compatible. Joy.

It's funny, in all my frustration at spending 4 hours at the doctors with no results in hand, God was still at work. When Nik and I arrived home we received a certified letter that stated P's insurance wouldn't cover the "elective" MRI. Really, do people choose to have elective MRI's for their baby? Ok, maybe they do. But I sure wouldn't choose holding a screaming baby down  (did I mention he cannot make 1 move while the machine is scanning him??)  in loud, scary, dark machine with an opening the size of a basketball (ok, slight exageration).

Anyways, 2 phone calls and 4 hours later and I just got it sort of straightened out. Insurance will cover- check. Surgeon's office contacted and surgeon has message to dictate and fax note- check. MRI or CT scan (which we will have to do if the MRI won't pan out) scheduled for 4 weeks from now- check.

Whew! This mom is tired. Anyone want to be P's personal assistant?

I know this post is sounding so ridiculously sarcastic and annoyingly whiny. Sorry for that. It's just where I'm at 5 o'clock on a Friday afternoon! Thank you all for your prayers. We so appreciate them and ask that you continue to pray that P's shunt would be working correctly and that the settings (have I ever explained that his shunt is programmable which means they can adjust the rate of flow? that will be a whole 'nother post!) are accurate.

Have a great weekend y'all.



  1. Oh girl! So glad you have a night out tonight! We have only done a sedated MRI and then most recently a CT scan... but it's been almost a year since a checkup and we need one ASAP! We will probably do a CT, since Jack won't sit still and we don't like sedation unless absolutely no other option.

  2. Personal assistant? Me!! Me!! *raises hand* Pick me!! =)

  3. Enjoy your night. I would love to hear more about the shunt.

  4. I hope you had a terrific night out! We all need those! I did insurance crazy stuff on Thursday getting ready for Sammys knee surgery.....it really is exhausting!

  5. OH so frustrating!! You deserve a Momma's night out. And if I were closer, I would surely volunteer to be P's personal assistant. I would only need to be paid in smiles from that little beauty!!

  6. I really hope you enjoyed your time with the girls...because this does sound like it was a hectic day (a day in the life of a micro preemie parent...right?!?) The elective MRI part cracked me up. Insurance companies are so tough to deal with when all you want to do is have your child taken care of! I'm praying that Pierce's shunt is working correctly.

    I'm curious about what you find out about the metal clip. I've always wondered if it would go off if we took Samuel through airport security...lol.

  7. Kinda going through the same thing right with my son.. very scary!!!!

  8. Kinda going through the same thing right with my son.. very scary!!!!