ABM Round 2

Last week we packed up and headed to Black Mountain, NC for another week of ABM therapy.

It was a great and productive week.
We are so, so fortunate to have 2 great therapists working with Pierce. Good therapists are sure hard to find so we don't take them for granted at all!

There's John, our ABM Therapist:

And Diane, our Physical Therapist:

Diane was so kind to drive all the way to Black Mountain (a 4hr round trip) for the day so that she could observe an ABM session. Diane has been so great about working alongside of the ABM therapy and she's taken so many opportunities to learn about this method- how amazing is she?! We really feel so fortunate to have such wonderful and talented people working to help our little guy.

We also had a great time staying with the Ellingtons. The Ellingtons have an amazing house in Montreat with views like this:
Cool fact: Their house is on the same mountain, right around the corner from Billy Graham's house!

Pierce thoroughly enjoyed meeting his Bibi and Babu (Swahili terms. The Ellingtons spent a good portion of their lives serving as missionaries in Africa. Dr. Ellington worked for Wycliffe translating Bibles. A few years ago, he was also one of my professors at Montreat College. To say they're a neat couple is definitely an understatement.)

We're already looking forward to our next round of vacation, um... I mean, therapy.

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