Just a quick update for everyone.

We've been busy here. Any guesses what's going on at our house...

Here's a hint:

That's right. Nik's graduation from Seminary! We're so, so excited that this Saturday we will be watching Daddy graduate. He's worked so hard these past 3 years and we're so proud of him for persevering through. Did you know that Nik was just a few weeks shy of finishing out his 4th semester last year when Pierce was born? And yet, somehow, he managed to complete everything he needed to pass (and his grades were phenomenal!). Just had to brag on him for a moment!

Tomorrow is also a big day for us. Pierce will be having his quick-series MRI to check the function of his shunt. After spending hours hunting down the elusive surgeon who placed the PDA clip (see full story here), I've finally got written approval that the clip used on P was MRI compatible. (For those moms who asked, here's the technical jargon I found out: Pierce's PDA was ligated with a medium Hemoclip, which is made from either Stainless Steel or Titanium (there are 2 types). Both are MRI compatible.) Although I must admit, I'm still really nervous about sending him through the machine. (Just hoping the surgeon did his job researching what he placed in my boy! I'm sure he did though.) I'm also nervous to see the results. Brain scans are never fun and historically, they haven't brought us much good news either. But we're trusting that God has used the VP shunt to heal Pierce's brain (something we pray almost daily!). The MRI will check to make sure the shunt is functioning properly, that the ventricles are draining fully and that the setting on the shunt (they can adjust how fast/slow it drains) is correct for Pierce. Will you please join us in praying for good results?

After the MRI we will be picking out P's new glasses! That's right, our boy is getting some really adorable baby glasses.  We went for a visit to the eye dr last Friday and this appointment confirmed that P does have some nearsightedness in both eyes, with the right eye being the worst. The main reason he will be getting glasses is to balance his vision. Because the right eye is significantly more nearsighted than the left, the fear would be that if left untreated the vision in his left eye could be affected. Will you also pray that the glasses would improve P's vision?

And after we pick out P's glasses tomorrow, we're meeting a team from Levine Hospital to film a short interview about our NICU experience. We're so excited because this video will be shown at the NIC of Time Benefit Dinner in a few weeks.

Thanks again for walking this journey with us! We will update you after the MRI tomorrow.


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  1. You are in my prayers! Could I message you my phone number so I could call you and talk shunts? Pierce will do awesome tomorrow!!