MRI Results

We're back from our busy day and things went well!

The MRI was quick and easy. Nik rode through the machine with Pierce and said he did great. He managed to keep him completely still for the 1.5 minutes (not an easy task with our guy!). Fortunately we had no issues with his PDA clip. His VP shunt was reprogrammed (not uncommon) by the machine, but the PA was easily able to reset it back to the normal setting. It's far too technical for me to describe, but they basically use a electronic magnetic device to adjust the shunt. It's so cool to watch!

The scan results were good (Praise God!) and the Neuro PA was pleased with the decrease in ventricle size. His ventricles are still enlarged, but have gone down significantly. Also, the brain around the ventricles appears to be growing well and filling in nicely. Because this MRI was quick and was designed to only check the size of P's ventricles, we weren't able to get a really good look at his entire brain to see what PVL may be there. Personally, I don't really want to know because it won't change the course of action we are taking to help P right now. (Maybe that's some form of denial, but it's where I'm at for now. Plus, neither Nik nor I want to sedate Pierce for a longer MRI at this point.)

After we left the Neurosurgeon, we headed over across town to pick out P's baby glasses. We settled on these in light blue. I can't wait to see him in them! He looked so adorable trying on the frames... although he was wailing every time they went near his face (don't know how we're supposed to actually keep glasses on him!).  They should be in in a few weeks... pics to follow!

We also found out today that P's cranial band has been approved by insurance and should be coming in a week or so. At this point (because P is so old... thanks insurance!), we're not sure how long he'll have to wear the band or if it will even fix the flat spot completely. Will you please pray that it will be a quick and easy process?

Thanks again for all your prayers today. We really felt them!

And thanks for walking this journey with us, friends.



  1. We can't keep Jack's glasses on him for anything! I really hope that by starting P much earlier than Jack, that he will keep them on and get used to them! He is going to be SO CUTE in them!!!

  2. I don't have any experience with kiddos in glasses but my friend does. She bought a few dolls with glasses, pulled up pictures of kids her age on the internet wearing glasses that her daughter got used to the idea of seeing other's in them. She said the first few weeks were a little rough but now she wears them all the time and they are so cute. She does have a few back up pairs because they keep getting misplaced. Can't wait to see Pierce in them!!

  3. Lots of good news! Can't wait to see Pierce in his new glasses! He is going to look so handsome :)

  4. My oldest (not my preemie!) has had glasses since he was 8 months. It didn't take long for him to adjust to them at all. He liked them once he realized he could see his toys better. The patching is a different story though! His situation is quite different since his need for glasses and occlusion therapy is due to an infantile cataract, but babies are so cute in glasses no matter what the reason.

  5. The glasses will be adorable. Sam struggled with his until I put them on and his daddy, who was across the room called his name. He turned and looked right as he was about to yank them off. Suddenly his hand dropped. We think he realized that he could see. He also was really young, which helps. After he realized they helped, he pretty much left them on, most of the time. There are definitely a few stray tooth marks from some chewing/gnawing on them. :). I understand, too about the MRI. I don't think it is denial, or that is what I tell myself. Ash had a possible PVL. We have opted out of a MRI for now. The sedation isn't worth it, or the results for that matter...they won't change anything we are doing. Can't wait to see glasses pics!