Special Date

Today we had a very special visitor. And our first real playdate at home.

Ruthie and her mom came all the way to Charlotte to have lunch with us. For those who don't know: Ruthie is another miracle baby. She was born at 24 weeks last July. Gina (Ruthie's mom) and I grew up together in Greenville, SC and by God's providence, we re-connected shortly before Pierce's birth. Now, it all makes sense. We walked the micropreemie journey, and then they did. Over this past year we've been able to share our experiences and Gina has become such a treasured friend.

Back to our playdate- Pierce loved meeting Ruthie. Ruthie seemed to like Pierce, until he took over her momma's hip...then she decided he wasn't so cool. But once she was back to her mom, she was ok with him again :)

So without further ado...visual proof that miracles happen. You're staring at 2 of them!