Therapy in DC

Next week we're headed out for our first family vacation! That's right. Vacation. Well, it's not technically a vacation. More like a trip to DC to do ABM therapy. BUT we're making a vacation out of it too.

We are so, so excited to take Pierce to work with Carla, an experienced and highly trained ABM practicioner and Physical Therapist. While we've been so pleased with our local ABM practicioner and will continue to see him monthly, we've heard there's some benefit in having another therapist on board. Other therapists can bring new perspectives. And in Carla's case, she has years of experience to draw on. Fortunately, we've been blessed in that ALL of our therapists (both ABM and PT) have been graciously willing to collaborate and work together as a team to help our little guy. We feel so blessed to have such wonderful folks working with us to help Pierce. We really couldn't ask for a better team!

We do need your prayers. Will you join us in praying for protection as we travel? For a good, relaxing family vacation? For continued protection against germs for Pierce and us? (Nik is just now recovering from a cold and hoping to be completely better before we leave.) And for positive therapy results? Will you specifically pray that this trip provides Pierce with the skills he needs to become mobile? He's so, so close (rolling side to side) and is so ready to get moving. If there's one thing I can guarantee you... this momma will NOT be complaining when the day comes where Pierce is into everything. I am so looking forward to that moment.

We will update more later and let you know how therapy progresses.

Thanks for walking this journey with us and thank you for your continued prayers.

With love,
The Franks Family

PS- Our first care package has been packed! Don't forget to check out www.piercesproject.com to get involved and help us serve other families of micropreemies. A BIG thanks to all who've already participated.

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  1. Praying for a relaxing well deserved vacation for all of you...that Pierce will stay healthy, happy, and make great strides during these sessions! Enjoy your trip! I must say, I'm a little jealous (DC!!! How fun!!!)