Long overdue update

We're back from DC and boy did we have a great trip! For those who don't know, we headed up there to see Carla, a highly trained PT/ABM practicioner.
I'm going to try to recap our week:

The first day was filled with lots of driving. 10 hrs to be exact. To our surprise, Pierce did wonderful and with the little help of a portable dvd player, shed no tears the entire trip!

We stopped in Roanoke for lunch and had the BEST chicken and waffles.

Then it was back on the road. We arrived in town around 8 that night, just in time for bath, bottle and bed.

The next morning, we started therapy bright and early. Many of you have asked how our lessons are scheduled. The way ABM works best is to do two 30-45 minute lessons twice a day over the course of 3-5 days. So everyday we spent approximately 1.5 hrs with Carla.

We loved Carla! And so did Pierce. Pierce responded so well to her techniques and within the first few lessons, was doing things we've never seen before.

 The first few lessons, we worked on getting P some variety in his movements (one of the ABM essentials). He loved this particular "trick" Carla showed us where his pelvis was elevated using a foam noodle.

Carla also showed us a way to hold Pierce so that he feels the weight throughout his entire body:
 We learned lots of new ways to encourage Pierce to add variety to his daily movements. I really wish I had taken the camcorder to document the entire process.

On our day off, we headed into the city. Pierce loved touring around and seeing all the people and lights. It was the most action he'd seen in his entire life!
He especially loved our trip to the Shake Shack (thanks for the recommendation Jessi!) because he was able to sample his first french fry!

 About halfway through our trip, Pierce really started finding his feet and exploring them like never before!

 And he also started resting his legs and moving his hips in ways we've never seen. Here's a short video clip taken during one of our last sessions:

After 6 days away from home, we were happy to get in the car and head back although we really, really didn't want to leave Carla. 

Overall, it was a VERY successful therapy trip. We have seen Pierce really start to use and explore his left hand and it's so very exciting to watch as his brain begins to map new pathways.

Oh, and did I mention that by the time we were home, Pierce was rolling side to side with ease? He won't let me capture him on camera, so I had to video him via the baby monitor :) Shh... don't tell P I'm watching!

Please continue to pray for Pierce to begin adding variety to his movements and that soon he will be truly mobile. Pray also for us as we continue with ABM therapy (we're ramping up to 2x/month) in both Asheville and now in DC. Pray that God will use these therapists to help Pierce and that He would also providing the funding to make these trips possible.

Thanks for walking this journey with us.

Lindsay, Nik and Pierce


  1. Incredible! So happy for you! We are looking forward to our therapies with Carla the week of July 9th!

  2. SO cool! He is making such big gains! Jack didn't even roll much or scoot around until he was 2. Sometimes it seems like you are moving at a snails pace, and then suddenly, you look back and realize what amazing things they are doing. Pierce is so, so close! Oh and I am very happy that I instigated Pierce's first french fry tasting. That makes my day to hear that!

  3. Then it was back on the road. We arrived in town around 8 that night, just in time for bath, bottle and bed.