New accessories

The past couple of weeks have brought with them the addition of some new accessories. Accessories are not something we aren't used to around here... oxygen, monitors, etc...

So we've now traded the past ones out for 2 new things: a cranial band and glasses.

I'll admit these 2 additions have made me a bit sad. It breaks my heart that our little guy now has to wear even more gear. That he can't just be "normal." But, in light of all we've been through, I understand that these things are minor in comparison.

When we got his cranial band last week, I was so bummed with how "medical" it looked. It was white and sterile. I knew we wanted to decorate it. I knew we wanted to make it unique. Fortunately, we have this absolutely AMAZING and talented woman near us. Y'all...she's so talented. Seriously, don't know if I have ever met such an artist!

So today, I headed to her to get our band spiced up. And boy, she didn't disappoint. Check out the results:



Leigh added this. Could there be a more perfect quote for our miracle boy?

Love the way she tied in Pierce's Project logo!

And here's our handsome boy modeling his new gear:

 Special thanks to Leigh from Treasured Interiors. Highly recommend her for all your personalized painting needs! Check her out on her website: http://www.treasuredinteriors.net/

Happy weekend friends!


  1. He is so adorable!!!! :) LOVE IT! :)

  2. Oh my gosh, I think I want to have his picture as my screensaver to get a smile every time I look at it! :)

  3. with those accessories, he looks like a superhero!! Rock it Pierce!

  4. I love it!!! That has got to be the cutest thing that's ever been.

  5. Love the spiced up band! Soooooo cute. The glasses are adorable too. Maybe he will get so use to them with the band, then by the time he just has to wear the glasses, they will be a part of life. Love the color. Debated going with another color when Sam gets new frame, but I think we will stick with blue too.

  6. This may be the CUTEST band I have ever seen! Love his glasses too! CUTEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN! Sweet Boy!

  7. I knew it had to be Leigh that painted it! Love it!! Our LO had one (and Leigh did a Dr Seuss theme for us) from Jan through April 2011.

  8. Could he be ANY cuter!? That band is amazing!!! He looks so good :)