What a difference a year makes...

5.5.2011- Pierce had just extubated himself and shocked us all by lasting 45 minutes off the vent! This day gave us our first glimpse of his beautiful face without the breathing tube and tape.
5.5.2012- Tonight. We had just gotten back from the NICU reunion picnic (which was a blast!). One more thing--check out the crazy hair! This was right before his very first haircut. Pictures to come!

God is good.


  1. We just took Cohen by the NICU today and took a picture of him by an isolette and I was thinking the same thing..."what a difference 11 months makes!" Pierce, you are adorable!

  2. God is GREAT!!! :) i LOVE the hair! :)

  3. Doesn't seem possible that the first picture was taken a WHOLE year ago. I'm pretty sure that was the first time I fell in love with Pierce! So excited to see the haircut pictures!!

  4. Praise the Lord!
    Love the before and after!
    Look at those beautiful lips!!
    Can't wait to see the haircut pics:)

  5. Really like the before and after!
    Look at those wonderful lips!!
    Can't hold out to see the hairstyle pics:
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