On the road again...

This morning, P and I (Mommy) are headed back up to DC for round 2 of ABM therapy. We've been traveling approximately 2x/month to Asheville to see our other ABM therapist, and progress is coming.

We've seen P moving in ways he never has before. He's now able to pull both his feet to his mouth and roll side to side. He HATES rolling on to his belly, so he usually stops himself before he gets over. But when he does make it all the way over, he's quick to roll right back over.

Would you please pray for us as we make this long trip? Pray for safety and protection from germs (yes, we still have to be careful since P has so much Chronic Lung Disease). Also pray that P will make huge strides in therapy.

P's buddy (and fellow micropreemie), Noah is traveling with us this time around. Pray also that Noah would make progress this week, too.

Thanks for walking this journey with us!

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  1. will be praying for the trip and progress!!!