Where we've been hiding

So we've taken a break from blogging lately. Life has a way of forcing that sometimes. For us, this has been a summer filled with therapy (which is going well! more details to follow), outdoor activities, major life transitions (new house, new job to name a few), and planning. Perhaps the thing that has kept us the most busy is the last on that list--planning. "Planning what?," you might be wondering.

Well, remember our little NICU project we started a few months back? Well, it's grown! It's grown and we've had to adapt, reorganize and continue planning. We are so excited at the thought of being able to serve every single micropreemie family that enters the doors at both the Hemby and Levine NICUs in Charlotte, NC (estimated 150 families). And we wanted to share with you more about how you can get involved. Please see our attached flyers and go to our facebook page for more info on our BIG event. We hope to see many of our blog followers there!

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  1. Hi "sis" hope u r doing well Im sorry we haven't talked lately but school has been crazy and I'm actually leaving on we'd for a school retreat Can't wait to here more about your activitys.

    Love, Hal