MRI is over!

Praise God! Pierce did so well today at Duke. Yesterday the staff saw the extent of his anxieties (can you blame the kid?) when he screamed throughout the entire pre-op appointment. And so today, they decided to give him a nice dose of Versed (aka "happy juice" or "baby wine"). After the Versed, he was a little loopy and his anxieties disappeared in literally 5 minutes! (Can we say miracle drug?!)

The MRI went quickly and they were able to extubate Pierce quickly from the vent. In fact, he was ready to go home after only 30 minutes in recovery! Woo hoo.

We will hear from our neurosurgeon tomorrow as to the initial findings and then will talk with Dr Warf in Boston.

Please continue to pray for wisdom for us as we decide what course of action, if any, to pursue.

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