This week is a big week for us- we're finally headed to Duke for Pierce's sedated MRI!  It's been nearly 3 months of waiting, meeting with multiple neurosurgeons and now it's time to see what exactly is going on inside of Pierce's noggin.

Please say a prayer for Pierce as he goes in for his MRI on Thursday morning at 8 am. Because of his chronic lung disease, he will need to be placed on a ventilator under anesthesia. The last time he went under they had trouble getting him to wake up and come off the vent, so we're hoping that this time will go better since he's older and off of oxygen. If all goes as planned, he will just be observed for the day and then sent home.

We are hopeful that the MRI will show God's healing hand as the doctors not only assess Pierce's candidacy for surgery as well as the damage done from his bilateral grade 4 brain bleeds (this is something I've specifically avoided knowing for almost two years!).

In other news, Pierce was able to try out a new gait trainer! As you'll see from the video, he wasn't so sure about the gait trainer, but remained happy and content when placed in it. It will likely take him a few tries to figure out how to move in it. We're in the process of ordering him one and are hopeful that this will help him as he tries out this whole walking thing. For those who don't know much about gait trainers, in short, they're used to help kids learn to walk appropriately. It won't be something Pierce uses forever, but it's a stepping stone in the process to learn to walk. In the past month or so, he's become very willing to bear weight on his legs and has been practicing standing. We're excited for the progress we've seen in our PT sessions and are looking forward to a summer full of long walks in the gait trainer to help our boy learn to use those chunky little legs of his.

Thank you for the continued prayers for our boy!

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