The plan for tomorrow

Just a quick update to let everyone know the plan for tomorrow and how to pray:

We will be going in for pre-op at 11 am and Pierce is being worked into the schedule around 1pm for his MRI. He will have to be put under general anesthesia. The hope is that we can coordinate for his neurosurgeon to view the scan before he is brought out (while he's still intubated) in case we need to take him for immediate surgery. We're not sure if this is even a feasible option (lots of folks to coordinate), but we are really going to advocate for it as to avoid putting him under twice in one day.

Shortly after the MRI, we should be able to meet with Pierce's neurosurgeon to review the scan. If the ventricles have increased in size, this would be indicative that his VP shunt has malfunctioned and he will likely need it replaced tomorrow night. Our hope, of course, is for the opposite scenario- that the scan would reveal smaller ventricles (compared to Thursday's scan).

We ask that you please join us in prayer as we ask that God spare Pierce from another surgery.  Our hearts are so broken to think that another surgery might be right around the corner, but we are trusting in our sovereign, good, and loving Father, knowing that He is working all things together for Pierce's good.

Pierce loved his playdate with Ashlyn and Vivi (the precious girls I nannied for before P was born) on Wednesday
Several folks have asked how Pierce's scar looks and as you can see, he's healed up great!


  1. We literally JUST had our daughter sedated the other day for an MRI and CT scan. One of the things we've learned is that there are some medications that wear off faster (propofol) vs other sedatives that last longer (the one they did this last time was via an IV vs starting off with a shot and then inserting the IV. And not only did she not come out of it at the hospital, we took her home at approximately 4:50 that afternoon (MRI started at 11am and finished at 1:30 - 1:45pm ish). She had to strap her into the wheel chair fast asleep, in the car still asleep, carried her inside when we got home and she slept through the night before waking up wide awake. I would ask them which one they recommend that wears off slower. Then if the neurosurgeon decides that surgery needs to be done immediately (worst case scenario), then they can increase the meds vs decreasing them to bring him out of it and take him into surgery. This way you're prepared for the worst while hoping for the best. The other option is for them to keep him sedated at the Pediatric Sedation Center post MRI until the neurosurgeon gives the okay to bring him out of it. I would talk to the neuro office ahead of time regarding this as well as Ped's Sedation. We have to do spinal MRI's and CT's every 6 months on our daughter and so far they've used a different sedative every time. The propofol she comes out fast (within 30 minutes) and eats and drinks something and then they release her. The one we used last time took FOREVER for her to come out of it and she was pretty combative every time we tried to get her to wake up and open her eyes. WE managed to prove that her swallow reflex was okay was dripping fluid into the side of her mouth with a syringe so she could be released (NOT cool in my opinion). The Propofol she came out happy, not crying etc. With the other kinds both times she's been combative, angry, crying, in pain etc and had spasms. I would talk to the anesthesiologist before they sedate him and request the sedative from the pharmacy and see what they can do. I'm sure they'd be willing to work with you.

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