Trick or Treat 2013

We've waited our turn, sat out Halloween two years in a row due to RSV isolation and Pierce's immature immune system/damaged lungs. The first year, Halloween wasn't so bad. We were just enjoying having our boy home, even if it meant incorporating all of his extra gear. But last year, last year I LONGED for normal. I was bummed that Pierce was another year older and yet, his crappy preemie lungs were still holding him back. Out of part denial (that we were back in isolation), we didn't even get him a costume. Rather, we just tried to make the best of our situation and find a laugh or two.

But this year, this year I was determined to make Halloween different. Pierce is talking more, and is becoming quite the toddler. He's more aware of Halloween- the candy (please don't tell him that his parents will eat 95% of his candy this year), the people, the costume. He deserves a good time. We deserve a good time. This. This is our year.

So without further ado, I give you this year's award winning costume. Ok, it hasn't won any awards yet, but we're sure with this cute face and clever idea, he'll be donning the cover of magazines all across America.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you.....

Uncle Si (from Duck Dynasty)

and then there was Willie and the newest cast member, MJ (Yes, we created a new character for our friend. Personally, I think he fits right in)

Our best attempts to be Korie and Willie

Haven't had enough laughs? Try these original memes.

Happy Halloween from our family to yours!


  1. This is absolutely the best costume I have ever seen! I LOVE IT!