Botox baby!

Tomorrow is a big day for us. After much debating, Pierce has decided to rid himself of those pesky wrinkles that come with old age by getting a heaping dose of Botox. Just kidding.

But really, tomorrow Pierce is going in for 12-16 injections of Botox. Fortunately, he will be medicated so he shouldn't remember a thing.

For those who are wondering why in the world a 2 yr old would need Botox, the short answer is this: the Botox will help with the spasticity (tightness) in Pierce's calves and hamstrings. The hope is that this will help him move with more ease.

Would you please say a prayer for him? That he does well, no negative reactions and for good results. And for us? For peace as we take him in.

Also, while you're praying add Noah and Bella (former micropreemies too) to the list as they both have big weeks this week too?

Thanks for walking this journey with us and for your prayers!


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  1. I like 'P''s new hair cut shows that handsome pretty face!!!!