All we want for Christmas...

...is a  good neurosurgery report when we go to Duke tomorrow!

Tomorrow we'll be headed to Duke for a routine MRI to check on Pierce's shunt and to also see if the surgery in April was successful in treating the cyst. We've prayed daily that the cyst would be gone, or at least much smaller in this scan. Would you please join us in praying for positive, encouraging results?

Also, while you're praying. Pray for our friend, Gabby. Awhile ago, I asked for you to pray for her as she was undergoing a similar surgery to Pierce. Since then, Gabby has been in and out of the hospital with complications, keeping her parents and doctors puzzled as to what may be going on. Today she underwent her third surgery in two months to revise her shunt. Would you please pray that this is the solution to her troubles and also for protection against infection or shunt malfunction?

We are so thankful for the many who join us in praying as we walk through scary appointments, surgeries and procedures. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

To finish the blog, here's a photo dump from the last few weeks. Pierce has been doing well in therapy and seems to be responding to the Botox well. He's learning to use new muscle groups when standing, which will help him as he learns to walk in his gait trainer. We've been busy having fun and just enjoying the "normal" things of toddlerhood. Pierce even took his first pony ride a few weeks ago!

He's getting SO tall! (36 in/ 3 ft to be exact!)

Riding a pony for the first time at Christmasville Rock Hill

Santa snuggles

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  1. Congratulations on a good report yesterday! Come check out my blog post today! You might see someone familiar!