Christmas came early

For those who don't follow us on Twitter/Facebook, you may not have heard the news- scan was stable! That means Pierce's shunt is still working well (not bad for something that has an average life span of 1-2 yrs). While his cyst has not decreased in size (sort of a bummer), the surgery was successful at stopping its growth, which means we are likely going to avoid placing a second shunt. Woo hoo!

And the best part is that, as long as Pierce does well, we don't need to return to Duke for 6 months. Hooray!

Thank you all for praying with us. Also, thank you for praying for Gabby. We were able to visit with her while we were there and she is now home with a brand new shunt. Pray that her symptoms resolve now and that she too, can go on hiatus from the neurosurgeon.

We have some pretty exciting things happening around here, but you'll have to wait until I'm able to catch a few on camera (otherwise you may not believe me!). We'll be checking in soon. Until then, enjoy the holidays!

And Merry Christmas from the Franks!

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  1. such good news Lindsay you are always in my thoughts and prayers you're such a great mom