Conductive Education Day 1

Today was Pierce's first day of Conductive Education. To say amazing is just to scratch the surface. Pierce is in a class of 7 kids, all of whom have CP or some sort of motor delay. Pierce and Colin were the only new kids- everyone else has been in Conductive Education before so it was nice to see the "pros" doing the routine and to see how much progress they've made. Pierce LOVED meeting new friends and his new teachers. Since he's never been in a group setting, I was a little leery of how he'd do, but I was pleasantly surprised.

Conductive Education uses basic equipment (cheap, wooden things with specific purposes) to help kids learn motor planning. For instance, today Pierce sat in a regular toddler-sized wooden chair (just like you'd see in a nursery setting) and used a special table with slats to learn to hold on and balance himself. It was really amazing to watch him sit and hold on while feeding himself a snack. Did I mention he needed little assistance from us? For a typical kid this would not be much, but for a kid with CP it is tremendous. Life changing, because it means the one thing we've worked so hard to gain- his independence.

There are so many things we are learning about how to challenge Pierce in new ways and I'm so excited to see his progress once he finishes this intensive.

We will check back in soon. For now, please pray for these things:
1) Protection against germs (preemie mommas know how hard it is to throw your once isolated kid into a cesspool of germs!)
2) Protection as we travel in this yucky Michigan winter weather. I really miss the southern weather already.
3) Progress. Progress, progress, progress!

Thanks for walking this journey with us!



  1. I am so excited for this experience for Pierce. I can't wait to hear about all the progress he is going to make! I will be paying for safe travels and that he stays healthy!

  2. So excited for Pierce and your family, this is such an amazing opportunity!