Conductive Education Week 2

Friday marked the end of our second week of Conductive Education. Unfortunately Pierce was not able to attend any of the 5 sessions this week due to illness.

Last Friday he started running a fever, which quickly progressed into a cold and then of course moved to his chest. For a kid with a compromised immune system (here's to catching up by 4!) and damaged lungs, chest colds are very dangerous. We immediately started his steroids and went into watch and wait mode. On Monday we had to take him to the ER because his fever was still dangerously high. They were able to get a baseline chest x-ray, but since his breathing was still ok, they sent us back to the hotel. We thought we were on the upswing, but Wednesday night he took a turn for the worse. Every preemie momma dreads watching the pulse oximeter and seeing your child's sats fall. Once it was obvious he was going downhill, we took him back to the ER and from there he was quickly admitted.

We are so thankful for the team at Helen De Vos Children's Hospital- each and every person we encountered was truly incredible in coordinating Pierce's care. We spent 2 days at the hospital, but thankfully today we are at home (well, the hotel) resting. Pierce seems to be improving since they up'd his steroid dosages and we are hopeful he truly is getting this virus behind him.

We'd like for you to pray for us as we consult with Pierce's doctors and therapists to make a plan for the remainder of camp. We are only halfway through and would hate for Pierce to miss out on this wonderful opportunity. On the other hand, we are also very aware that a virus so soon after this one could put him at even more risk and land us in the hospital once again. (We loved Helen De Vos, but will be happy to never go back!)

Please pray for wisdom. Pray that Pierce will be protected from illness for the remainder of the trip. And pray that this whole experience won't drive me to be like this when he's 16:
Courtesy of "Bubble Boy" :)

Thanks to everyone who prayed for and are praying for us while we are here. It means so much to have such an incredible support system. Y'all are the best!

Nik, Lindsay and Pierce

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