Conductive Education Recap

We are now home from Michigan and so thankful to be back in our normal routine. We're also so grateful for the 70 degree days vs the single digit temps in Michigan!

Our trip to the Conductive Learning Center was so incredible. Everyone on the staff was just amazing. Their desire and passion to see kids with CP thrive is awe- inspiring to watch. We really cannot say enough about this place. It really is a neat environment for the kids to be in- to be with and learn with other kids who struggle in the same or similar ways as they do. Pierce really seemed to just take it all in and everyday asked to go to "skoo" (school). Our little socialite loved the classroom setting!

As a parent, it was incredible to see kids with greater limitations than Pierce performing advanced tasks (like walking with a standard walker- no seat) because the Conductive Education has taught them to adapt in incredible ways.

Sadly, Pierce was only able to attend a portion of the sessions due to being extremely sick (dang preemie lungs). We tried taking him back to class after he was feeling better, but it was clear that the pneumonia had zapped his reserve energy and he just wasn't quite ready.  And so the decision was made to head home a little early with the intention that we will be coming back soon. We were sad to cut the trip short, but knew it was best because we have so much to work on at home and we knew another sickness could land him in the hospital for even longer. We are also so thankful that the program director was so flexible and understanding towards the situation.

Even though Pierce was sick, I (Lindsay) was still able to sit in and observe the class without him which allowed for a great opportunity to pick up new tips and ideas of things we can work on at home. Already we have a new found routine, incorporating parts of the school routine- unsupported sitting, walking and potty training (yes, Pierce has successfully gone in the potty quite a few times!!!)  into our daily life. And just tonight, we watched in awe as Pierce fed himself from a fork with no assistance! (Let's hear it for those fine motor skills!)

Thank you so much to all of you who prayed for us during this trip- especially when Pierce was in the hospital- it means so much to have such a strong network of friends/family who love us and are rooting for us.


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  1. I'm so happy for yall. Hate P for sick..glsd for experience....greatful for understanding director..... can't wait to hear more!!