Sunday report

Pierce has had a relatively quiet day. Nothing new to report, which is definitely a good thing! He has been weaned a smidge on the vent and we are hoping that the weaning will continue throughout the night. His swelling has gone down and he's looking much, much better. We are continuing to pray that he will end his long-term relationship with the ventilator by Friday. I had a long talk with Pierce today and told him it's time to cut the ties (or remove the tube, in other words). I tried to explain to him that if his tube is out, he can then cry and get all the attention he wants/needs without dropping his sats. He merely raised his eyebrows at me. I guess we already know that P has a mind of his own so it was probably useless for me to even suggest a plan. :)

Also, Pierce is now up to 10 mL's at each feeding! That's right- we are now in the double digits! And Pierce is a happy boy. We're praying that feedings continue to go well and that most importantly, he does not develop the dreaded bowel infection, NEC.

Also, please be praying for me as I will be interviewing with a local radio station tomorrow and sharing our story. Pray that the Gospel will shine forth and that those who hear our story will be brought closer to Christ as a result. We will keep you posted on when it will air as well as details for those of you who are out of town and unable to listen to the live broadcast.

Thank you for praying alongside of us. We will continue to update as things change.

Much love,


  1. YAY for a quiet day! :) Hopefully he listened to your plan and likes it! :) hehe I will continue to pray for him and his feedings and his lungs and shunt and bowels and just his whole self! Praying for you as well with your interview!!!

  2. Another boring NICU day...hooray!!! Can't wait to hear more about the interview. I'm confident God will use it. I'm also confident that Baby P is an over-achiever...praying he will be on c-pap before Friday!!! Love you!
    -The Roberts

  3. lindsay, this is awesome! your testimony through this experience will be so heartfelt and precious. god will hold his arms around you and give you the words to speak. tentative coffee thursday @ dinnertime with ashlyn? ;)we'll play it by ear, of course.

  4. Make sure to share the radio interview link with us when you can. We continue to pray every day for you, Nik, and Pierce. You're doing a great job as parents, keep it up!
    Erin Guidici